Through the process of creating these books and my engagement with the realm of surreal art, together with my delight in pawky wit from the wise and daring, I realized something about myself. That I champion the unique underdog in us all.


Egg Unrivaled and Unravelled
A personal exploration of the marvels of this powerful entity through diabetic-friendly recipes
It took me since I met you to come up with this
The original is unfaithfull to the translation
A compilation of cheeky collages and quotes
GALORE, pussy Galore
Literally worn out
Es loco
Let your E-go and delve into the fascinating surreal and “loco” Tarot card world
Live a little
A witty and fresh approach to championing the 7 deadly (but lively) sins like a perfect lady
The Un-tabooed
Once upon a time, there was a moon, a star, a butterfly, a rainbow and a heart, all in one.
Home is wherever I’m with you
Pour some sugar on me
Delightful quirky collages of curated design from your favorite childhood fairytale characters.
Enya is my religion
What the angel of death can teach us is how to be truly alive.