Pour some sugar on me

Delightful quirky collages of curated design from your favorite childhood fairytale characters.
I take you on a theatrical journey of visual and literary arts — of art, design, fashion, poetry, lyrics — designed to whet your appetite for beauty, passion and all that is grandiose, using surrealism and a touch of playfulness to draw you in with curiosity. This is a book of wonders, of princesses and toads, of potions and endearing characters, all garbed and bedecked with the rarest and most special works of design in existence, intended to evoke childhood memories and remind you of the overlap between adulthood and our child within. This is a book of wonders. Nothing is immediately obvious and everything deserves a second look. This compilation of lyrical passages and quirky compositions spins together what is make-believe and what is reality with a touch of human tenderness. This is a book of my wonder and muse, 6-month-old Sofia Barrilero.